999.00 499.00


    • Low Ripple operating noise
    • High gloss casing
    • Small 3-pin AC input
    • High-efficiency power Conversion ratio
    • Over current, Over voltage, Short circuit & Over temperature protection
    • Design to support low voltage input (100 v A/C)
    • Lapcare Adapter for HP 18.5v 3.5A65W Smart


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    ChillMate is one of the most versatile and elegant looking laptop cooling stand that reduces working fatigue for long hours of laptop working. Its 2 USB ports and a slick cable manager makes on the laptop much convenient, faster and efficient. Powered by 2 robust cooling fans ChillMate helps in keeping your laptop’s CPU cool enhancing its working life. It has 6 inclination angle options to suit your operation postures.




    Provided with cooling fan and universal socket
    Low voltage shut down
    Auto overload protection
    Reverse polarity protection by fuse
    Continuous power 150W
    Weight 180 gram
    Voltage in : 12 V DC [11-15 V DC]
    Voltage out: 115 V AC – 220 V AC, 230 V AC- 240 V AC
    Car power inverter is the perfect companion for extensive car travellers. It converts the DC car power to AC current which can be used to give electrical energy to practically any device that is normally used while travelling like laptops, mobile phone charges, tabs, gaming consoles, car coolers, cameras etc. Car power inverter is an excellent solution for emergency recharging while travelling for long distances.



    The NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit gives you a fast, easy way to develop hardware and software for the Jetson TX2 AI supercomputer on a module. It exposes the hardware capabilities and interfaces of the module and is supported by NVIDIA Jetpack—a complete SDK that includes the BSP, libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more.



    NVIDIA® Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a small, powerful computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. All in an easy-to-use platform that runs in as little as 5 watts.



    With the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, you can easily create and deploy end-to-end AI robotics applications for manufacturing, delivery, retail, smart cities, and more. Supported by NVIDIA JetPack and DeepStream SDKs, as well as CUDA®, cuDNN, and TensorRT software libraries, the kit provides all the tools you need to get started right away. And because it’s powered by the new NVIDIA Xavier processor, you now have more than 20X the performance and 10X the energy efficiency of its predecessor, the NVIDIA Jetson TX2. Get started today with the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit.

  • Introduction Of Machine Learnig (Basic)

    Day 1 | 8 hrs

    Mathematics for Machine Learning 
    1. Introduction to Calculus
    2. Introduction to Linear Algebra
    3. Introduction to Probability & Statistics

    Machine Learning Basics
    1. Fundamentals of Machine Learning
    2. Machine Learning Practical Applications: Classification, Regression etc.
    3. Supervised Learning
    4. Semi Supervised Learning
    5.Unsupervised Learning
    6. Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    Practical Machine Learning
    1. Machine Learning Frameworks : Python, Google COLAB, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras
    2. Code Classification and Time series Prediction Models
    3. Implementing a Neural Network from Scratch


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  • Introduction Of Machine Learnig (Advance)

    2 Days | 18 hrs

    Mathematics for Machine Learning
    1. Introduction to Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics and Random Variables
    2. Introduction to Python, numpy, pandas etc.
    3. Python assignments.

    Machine Learning Basics
    1. Fundamentals of Machine Learning
    2. Application in Machine Learning- Classification, Regression etc.
    3. Introduction to the theory and algorithms of :
    → Supervised Learning
    → Semi Supervised Learning
    → Unsupervised Learning
    → Graphical Models
    → Predictive Modelling

    Practical Machine Learning-Frameworks
    1. Machine Learning Frameworks :
    → Google COLAB
    → Sci-kit-learn
    → TensorFlow
    → PyTorch
    → Keras
    2. Industry grade tools and technologies for implementing a practical machine learning project
    3. Assignments – classification, regression and mathematical models

    Neural Network and Deep Learning
    1. Introdution to theory of neural networks and stochastic gradient descent
    2. Deep neural networks, CNN, RNN, Auto Encoders
    3. LSTM, GAN, Capsule networks

    Practical Machine Learning – Your own models
    1. Implementing a Neural Network from scratch
    2. Implementing a Deep Neural Network (CNN, RNN, GAN) in Tensorflow/PyTorch
    3. Developing AI projects and practical caveats in implementing machine learning models
    4. Organizing Machine Learning Projects

    Research and Applications
    1. Applications of AI in Industry and Academia
    2. Computer Vision
    3. Natural Language Processing
    4. What’s hot in AI research – a discussion on state of the art and recent trends in AI

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  • Instance & disk snapshots (manual and automatic)


    Point-in-time snapshots help back up the data on your Amazon Lightsail instances, managed databases, and block storage.

    GST @ 18% extra


    3,780.00 3,650.00


    • PCI Express complaint motherboard with one dual-width x 16 graphics slot
    • Minimum 300W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 20 A)
    • 300 MB of available hard-disk space
    • 2GB system memory (4 GB or higher recommended)
    • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Operating System (32 or 64-bit)
    • CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive or Internet connection
  • GEFORCE RTX™ 2070


    Powered by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics processing unit (GPU) with a 1410MHz clock speed and 1710MHz boost clock speed To help meet the needs of demanding games.

    8GB GDDR6 (256-bit) on-board memory plus 2304 CUDA processing cores and up to 448GB/sec. of memory bandwidth Provide the memory needed to create striking visual realism.

    Real-Time Ray Tracing Definitive solution for lifelike lighting, reflections, and shadows, offering a high level of realism.

    Microsoft DirectX 12 Support for the latest Microsoft DirectX API to enable next-generation gaming.

    VR Ready Experience next-generation VR performance, low latency and plug-and-play compatibility with headsets driven by NVIDIA VRWorks. VR audio, physics, and haptics let you hear and feel every moment.