VIVA 750 Gold

What is an SMPS?

Switch Mode Power Supply provides an efficient and power-saving option over the traditional mode of power supply. They also reduce the heat produced while running continuously and the output is low comparatively. This helps with running the device continuously without any interruption. The main purpose of the SMPS is to convert and level the current and voltage that passes through it to fit the required level of voltage for the connected device. SMPS are available for both single and multiple devices. You can choose the one you need based on your requirement and usage. Viva 750 Gold is one of the best and efficient SMPS that fits maximum devices and requirements.

Why SMPS of High efficiency with 80 PLUS Gold certification and silent cooling system?

SMPS of High efficiency with 80 PLUS Gold certification and silent cooling system is a power supply used in computers and CPUs. When you buy a CPU or a computer, one of the most important features to be checked is the power supply equipment. The efficiency of the power supply helps you to determine the power supply and the overall efficiency of the device.

What is SMPS Viva 750 Gold?

Viva Gold 750 is an efficient power supply device that helps with supplying uninterrupted power supply. The Silverstone Viva 750 Gold also has a 40% cooling system which helps with cooling your system with regulating heat maintenance. Also, you can run it continuously 24/7, the entire day with continuous power output and in silent mode. Viva 750 Gold does not make noise while running, which makes it easy and convenient for users.

It has 6 pin and 8 pin connectors to connect your devices. It also comes with multiple protection circuitries to enable non-stop functioning.  It is designed with 80 plus gold level efficiency to reduce wastage of power and reduce wasted heat. This saves electricity and reduces heat wastage in the long run. It has a built-in 120 mm fan that enables excellent airflow for reducing heat produced. Also, the noise reduction tech makes it the best fit for both home and small office uses.

Why Viva 750 gold?

Viva 750 gold comes with 80 plus gold certification. This makes it more efficient than other devices. It comes with flat wires that allow maximum flexibility to enable easy management of the cables. You can also turn on and off the fan whenever required. This switch is located at the rear of the device next to the power cable slot. The fan is covered with a steel plate designed especially to reduce heat and increase efficiency. The dual CPU Power connector design helps with connecting multiple devices simultaneously for effective functioning.

The Silverstone Viva 750 Gold is specially designed to improve the power supply and the efficiency of the computer. You can use the Viva 750 Gold with multiple devices for 24/7 power output. Also, the cooling fan attached to the SMPS helps with reducing the heat and cooling the system every moment.

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